Little Me – Creative Club

Little Me – Creative Club
The childlike view of the world is the honest, undisguised view.

We want…

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre Club
We would like to create a musical with the children. Matthias has already written…


Dance Club
Club will include: Hip Hop Dance to Hip Hop and Pop music, Combinations of different cultureal…


Club will include: Football team training, ball handling, fitness, position training, respect,…


Judo Club

Course will include: Movement control, Coordination, Motor skills, Balance training, Respect…

Ball Games

Ball Games Club
This club will consist of different types of ball games.

Classes: 1,2,3, 4

Neuro Athletics

Neuro Athletics Club
My name is Josef de Parolis, 46 years old, married with one daughter. My great…

Stage Design

Stage Design Club
We will build a stage set! This club will work closely together with the Musical Theater…