Transition from Kindergarten into the primary school.

The members of the BilinGO Primary School and BilinGOlinos work hand in hand to create a smooth transition, keeping the individual child’s educational needs and strengths in mind.

Being under one roof from the beginning, the kindergarten children get to know their future teachers and become familiar with the premises. School events are prepared and celebrated together.

The daily routines in both of our institutions are aligned. Due to this tight cooperation the BilinGOlinos parents will become acquainted with the school at a very early stage and thus have the possibility to gain security in the later choice of the school.

The continuous exchange between teachers in the kindergarten and in the school guarantees that both sides are working towards the same goal.

To make it easier for the children starting in first grade, the school days in the first two weeks of Year 1 are shorter than usual. Of course, the students can stay the whole day. Furthermore, we adjust the timetables accordingly. The main subjects German, English and mathematics are taught in the mornings. The afternoon lessons are usually creative subjects.

At the beginning of Year 1 we focus on reading and writing in German. When the students have acquired some basic abilities we start working on English literacy.