The BilinGO Primary School is a bilingual school with a high proportion of classes taught in English.

The immersion approach is designed so that children quickly feel “at home” with the English language and do not confuse the languages. Various instructional methods aim to first activate and expand the passive vocabulary of a child. This swiftly forms an active vocabulary, which is continually consolidated and expanded in the individual lessons.

At BilinGO several subjects are taught in English. English is – unlike in foreign language teaching – the working language and therefore children can gain a better understanding of different subjects using their English vocabulary.

A variety of instructional methods open the path to language for the children. These include:

  • Teaching teams that combine native German and native English speakers allowing for language acquisition from experienced and knowledgeable speakers.
  • Differentiated teaching in the class
  • Cooperative learning within the learning group / class
  • IT supported teaching with well-engineered software
  • Songs, plays and rhymes
  • Movement and much more!

An all encompassing bilingual education is an excellent tool to teach students basic language skills and concepts. It provides an opportunity to promote language-talented students by providing a systematic buildup of both technical and foreign language competencies. Moreover a comprehensive bilingual education promotes the knowledge of other countries and their habits – the so-called cross-cultural competence.