Teacher Mrs. Frederichs
Age Grades 1 to 4
Class size 13
Duration 45 min.
Category Thursday Club
10 per 45 min.

Art & Architecture Club

We meet at the studio to create artwork of our own. We get involved in planning and building spaces, inside and outside. We draw, measure, analyze or take photos. We get to know the works of world-famous artists and architects. We deal with spacial installations or silhouettes and collages, we paint or build fantastic sculptures and so much more.

  • Grades: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Group size: 8 – 13 children
  • Level: beginner and advanced
  • Course Leader: Mrs. Frederick
  • Day and time: Thursday 16:10-16:55
  • Location: Art Room
  • Cost: 10€ per 45 min. one-time € 42 material

I am an architect and an artist. I live and work in Cologne for about 20 years and I am experienced in workshops for kids or teens in the environment of schools and museums. I have a grown-up daughter and I was raised bilingual as well.