What is the cost of lunch?

The daily lunch is 80€ per month. A water dispenser supplies mineral water for all children throughout the day.

Are students allowed to bring their own lunch?

Lunch time is an important experience and builds the sense of cohesiveness among the children. The daily menu offers a variety of tasty and healthy foods. Participation in lunch is therefore mandatory. Exceptions can only be made with an official written recommendation from a doctor.

Does my child have to know English to join BilinGO?

In general no. Many students start in first grade without any prior knowledge of English. They are taught the basics in regular classes. In later years we have the possibility to specifically support students without any knowledge of English. We will gladly discuss this with you personally.

Does my child have to know German to join BilinGO?

In general yes. We have the possibility to specifically support students without any German knowledge. We will gladly discuss this with you personally

Does my child have to participate in the afternoon activities?

No, classes end at 3 p.m. Monday to Thursday and at 2 p.m. on Fridays. The afternoon clubs are voluntary.

Does my child have to be Catholic to join in the religion classes?

No. Being Catholic or even Christian is not required to participate in religion classes, since we teach general Christian religion theories and beliefs. Children who do not participate in religion classes are taught ethics.

Can I visit the school?

You are very welcome to schedule a visit by contacting us via e-mail or phone. Every first Wednesday of the month we offer an information session in school which you can join without prior appointment.

Can my child join BilinGO after the school year has started?

Yes. You can make an appointment for trial days anytime. If we will offer your child a place afterwards, she/he can start at our school promptly.

What happens after the first assessment of my child?

While your child is assessed by one of our teachers, you will have the opportunity to ask further questions regarding the change of school and we will review the contract and our school policies. Our Head of School or the CEO will be happy to answer any questions for you.

My child has already undergone the normal school entry examination at a public school. Is another assessment necessary?

Yes. Our bilingual concept demands different expectations of our children. Only an individual assessment can give us the possibility to decide if our school is the right place for your child in order to promote and challenge them and allow them to be successful at their own level.

Special educational needs have been identified for my child, or the process of identifying special educational needs has been initialized. Can we join BilinGO?

We look at each child individually during the assessment and the trial days. Upon completion, a decision will be made as to whether we can offer your child a place at our school. However, BilinGO is not a special needs school and we do not have any special needs teachers in our team.

What happens after fourth grade?

The BilinGO Primary School operates under the curriculum of North Rhine-Westphalia. At the completion of the fourth grade, students change to a secondary school of their choice. Our teaching staff will inform you of this process when appropriate.