Teacher Ms. Klammer, Mr. Schmucker
Age Grades 1 to 4
Class size 20
Duration 29.7 - 2.8.19
Category vacation program
70 p/p
Times: 9:00 till 16:00
Drop-off and pick-up: At school
Cost: 70 Euro for 5 days
Dates: 29.7 – 2.8.19
Leaders: Ms. Klammer, Mr. Schmucker

Sports, Games and Fun

-Excursion to the city forest and zoo
-Sports games on the schoolyard
-Excursion to the stadium pool
-Sports games in the sports hall (table tennis etc.)
-Football tournament
-Children’s Olympics or scavenger hunt
-Eat ice cream
-For the children who feel like it: Handicrafts