Teacher Mrs. Lippert
Age grades 1 to 4
Class size 20
Duration 22-27.7.19
Category Vacation program
70 p/p
Times: 9:00 till 16:00
Drop-off and pick-up: At school
Cost: 70 Euro for 5 days
Dates: 22-26.07.19
Leaders: Mrs. Lippert, Ms. Söldner

Program Overview: Underwater Worlds

The sun is shining – your thoughts are already wandering towards the summer holidays! Also this year, a holiday program will take place in the second week of the summer holidays.

With a variety of sports, games and handicrafts on offer, we creatively discover the underwater worlds.

In the course of the week we will model different underwater animals in order to get to know them and their characteristics better.
After concentration in the morning we will play sports together in the afternoon.
At the end of the week we build our own aquarium with your favourite animals.

Dive with us!

We are looking forward to seeing you!