Teacher Mrs. Lippert
Age grades 1 to 4
Class size 20
Duration 15-19.7.19
Category vacation program
Euro 70 p/p
Times: 9:00 till 16:00
Drop-off and pick-up: At school
Cost: 70 Euro for 5 days
Dates: 15-19.07.19
Leaders: Mrs. Lippert, Ms. Krieger, Ms.Klaßen

Program Overview: Fairytale in a box

In the first week of the summer holidays, you can be a scriptwriter, set designer, director, and actor – and you don’t even have to choose a role!

In our workshop with the children, we want to design cardboard boxes as a stage, in keeping with a fairy tale that they select in small groups, write their own scripts, make puppets and at the end of the week perform their very own version of the chosen fairy tale in front of the group.

As a souvenir, the performance will be recorded in a video so that the children and their parents can remember this week later.