Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre Club

We would like to create a musical with the children. Matthias has already written and composed the three songs of the piece. We develop visions, dance and sing, do arts and crafts and build.
We work together with the children on:

a) The choreographies, instrumentation and singing for the following pieces:

Where have all my friends gone?
Oh, I’d so like to know
Friendship is like a butterfly

b) The dialogues between the songs
c) The stage design

  • Classes: 2,3, 4
  • Level: All Levels
  • Group size: 6 – 8 children
  • Course leader: Mr.Richartz, Mr. Hochmann
  • Day and time: Mondays 16:10-17:10 o’clock
  • Location: Music room
  • Cost: 10€ per 60 min.

We want to create a productive atmosphere and only work with children who are enthusiastic about the project. We reserve the right to remove children from the AG if we notice that things are not working with them.

The musical is to be premiered before the summer holidays of 2020.